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Trent Bush


ARTILECT is the creation of founder Trent Bush, who was born into a family deeply rooted in outdoor industry innovation, and has continued carrying those traditions forward in his own way.

To understand were ARTILECT is going, it’s important to know where it came from.

Going way back, many early pivotal outdoor brands like Holubar, Gerry, and Frostline were founded in Boulder during the formative years of the outdoor industry, bringing the innovative thinking and the technologies of their time into the gear they made, and the communities they built. The roots run deep.

This is the lineage and unique understanding Trent Bush was born into, with 5 generations of his family calling Boulder home, where the outdoors were second nature, and Frostline was a part of his extended family. At Frostline, everyone in his family was involved from the kids to the grandparents, and Trent caught the bug early on.

Rebelling against his family’s outdoor traditions, Trent jumped head-first into skateboarding and snowboarding, which became obsessions that he would build his career around.

At 14, he got his first job working at Wave Rave, the original skate/snowboard shop and apparel brand in Boulder during snowboarding’s earliest years. Not happy with snowboarding’s direction, he left to create his first brand Twist in high school with his brother and friends, ushering in the new-school movement of skate-style snowboarding and style.

Twist became phenomenon in the anti-establishment snowboard world, creating clothes and sunglasses, along with magazines, videos, and every other means of building their unique culture in the pre-internet years, where art, music, and the cultural side were as important as the activities themselves.

After Twist, Trent continued on his path to incorporate innovation and technology into his work, diving deep into all aspects of creating brands and making gear for the things he loved to do, and also to support other users at the highest levels of performance.

Trent spent many traveling the world in search of new ideas and possibilities working with many of the world’s best outdoor, action, and snow performance brands, never finding exactly what he was looking for in a brand or its products.

Today, with that same pursuit of technology-driven innovation and performance as his primary motivator, it was clear the only path forward would be to go out on his own again, taking a totally different no-rules approach for the next generation.

With hard-earned knowledge and a deep history behind him, Trent created ARTILECT and built a team of the best minds in technical apparel and brand-building to join him.

Together, they have created a brand where the user is at the center of the brand experience, empowering next-level performance and discovery for the best days of their lives, from the wildest backcountry spots to the most unknown streets.

Welcome to ARTILECT.

Erica Tess


Erica was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado and developed a passion for outdoor pursuits at a young age. Her love for design was originally bred from necessity: repairing and altering gear went hand in hand with sports progression throughout her adolescence. She turned this experience into a career, earning a degree in Fashion Design with a focus in active sportswear from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She has been a professional in the Outdoor industry ever since.

She has designed performance apparel for world-class athletes in snow sports, running, surfing, and lifestyle, including the women’s freeski uniforms for the 2018 Olympic Games. Her work has earned many “best of” apparel accolades in buyers guides through the years.

She sees special importance in designing elevated gear that actually, truly takes into account the way people think, the way people use and break things, and the way people are shaped. Making sure that human and environmental priority stay top of mind is a core part of her creative process and design philosophy.

Erica loves to stand sideways on a board, walk or run uphill, garden, and play outside at home and abroad.

Sonia Prior


An experienced GTM Sales and Marketing professional working in the outdoor, snowsports and lifestyle industry since 1999.

Passionate about the Outdoor and Snowsports industry, enjoying strong, long term relationships with customers, fellow industry peers and athletes. Bringing brands to market, building strong commercial teams, long term strategic planning, innovative problem solving and leading organisations to success is her passion.

A volunteer and Co President of the SIGB, (Snow Sports Industry of Great Britain), a trade association responsible for the promotion of the UK snowsports industry and getting active on snow.

She enjoys spending time with her family outdoors; running, mountain biking, skiing and SUP are some of the things they enjoy together

Corry Taylor


Corry is CEO of his 4th generation family trading business, Bradshaw Taylor Ltd which was founded in 1895 in Oakham, England.

Bradshaw Taylor (BT) first became involved in the Outdoor and Ski industry in 1993 when they became the U.K. distributor for Schoffel Skiwear. In 1995 BT became the European distributor for the Royal Robbins Brand (for 22 years). In 1996 BT launched Mountain Hardwear in Europe and was the European distributor for 17 years. Osprey followed in 1999 and Icebreaker in 2001 (19 years). Followed by KEEN footwear and then Sherpa Adventure Gear in 2012 and Black Diamond (8 years). Corry was Chairman of the Outdoor Industries Association of Great Britain and am still a Director of the OIA (12 years Service).

BT is purchasing Sherpa in January 2021. BT is the current European distributor and minority shareholder in Tentree. The company bought a major share in the Le Chameau brand in 2019.

This experience has made Bradshaw Taylor a powerhouse in the outdoor industry and a name associated with excellent service for both retailers and consumers. Corry and his team of intrepid explorers are the backbone of the ARTILECT brand.

Adam Jowett


An Outdoor and Snowsports Industry professional of 19 years working across the retail and wholesale markets with industry reference brands. An experienced sales individual and team leader at market level, responsible for brand relations and market sales management.

Raised on a Yorkshire farm where being outdoors was mandatory, sports and activities came naturally and the love of mountain biking quickly developed, followed by snowboarding and now split boarding/e-mountain biking to gain further access to the hills and mountains of home and abroad.

Marty Carrigan


Irish American with a little bit of New Jersey edge and style!

Seasoned Global Sales and Marketing Executive with 30+ years of experience in the action, outdoor, winter sport and e bike categories!

Entire career focused on providing solutions for specialty retailers around the globe!

A Husband of 28+ years to Tammy Carrigan

A father of 3 adult children Lex, Tori and Maggie Rose

A grandfather of 1 Sage Russel

Skier, Snowboarder, Water Skier, Motor Cross, E Mt Bike, Moto Adventure Touring, Snorkeling.

Sasha Dietschi-Cooper


Experienced executive with a successful record leading go-to-market strategies for global lifestyle brands. Passionate and collaborative team champion with 20 years of success optimizing diverse individual skills and fostering professional + personal development.

Innovative, omni-channel sales strategist with deep expertise in the Outdoor, Sporting Goods, Lifestyle, eCommerce and Direct-To-Consumer channels – as well as International market development.

Skilled in entrepreneurship, public speaking, networking, enterprise sales, brand strategy & planning, sales management, brand marketing & management, trend analysis, forecasting and P&L management. Strong business development acumen combined with practical, hands-on leadership & operational expertise.

Wolfgang Jahn


A veteran of the sports and outdoor industry with decades of experience in sales and distribution. Specialist for the development of young and innovative brands in the sports, outdoor and lifestyle sector. A convinced team player who is close to the market and knows the needs of the retail trade very well, also from his own experience.

He has made a name for himself as a reliable partner on whose word you can rely. He communicates with his customers at eye level. He sees himself as a service provider with a clear service orientation. He knows how to inspire and take his customers with him. A hard worker who shows that he enjoys his job and his team.

At the same time, he is an expert in planning market developments, based on his long experience. On the other hand he has a sure feeling for brands and their potential in the market. Accordingly, he is able to position new brands with their unique selling points in the market and to develop them successfully. In this way, start-ups have become global brands in our industry, to which he has contributed his share in the European markets. He lives his brands and translates his enthusiasm for them into business success.

Sonia Lunardon


Sonia grew up in the northern region of Italy, where art, fashion, and technical outdoor apparel all share a long and storied history.

From racing suits for Formula 1 and MotoGP, to outdoor expedition gear for some of the top athletes and explorers in the world, Sonia has played a critical role in the development, fit, and performance of apparel built to perform at the absolute highest level.

Bringing more than 30-years of experience to her role at ARTILECT, Sonia loves to mix apparel with industrial design, introducing new tech that is both innovative and sustainable.

Sonia also likes exploring new trails and destinations with friends and family, and enjoys working in an environment that fosters inclusion, dedication, fun and kindness.

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